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Extra Duty Yellow Swings & Stand-Up Swing




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WS 5110
Typically ships within 2 - 5 business days


Upgrade your 3 position swing beam swing set with this refresher bundle by Swing-N-Slide. This exciting bundle features two green extreme duty swing seats and a heavy-duty green ring/trapeze. Each support up to 250 pounds when attached to a heavy duty swing hanger (not included), allowing parents to swing alongside their children. All three swings feature coated chains for a pinch-free and secure grip. The top of each chain is uncoated and can be adjusted for height variability. Each swing seat measure 26″ x 6″ in a heavy duty reinforced plastic design while the ring/trapeze features an 18″ wide bar with triangle holds. Upgrade or refresh your swing set today!


  • Includes a two heavy duty swing seats with chains and a stand-up swing
  • Each swing seat measures 26″ x 6″ x .5″ and features heavy-duty reinforced plastic seat attached to plastic coated steel chain with pelican hooks
  • Each swing seat includes two 58″ zinc plated steel chains with pinch-free yellow vinyl coating
  • Heavy duty swings support up to 250 pounds while the stand-up swing supports up to 115 pounds
  • Stand-up swing features a 14×14 inch platform with foot holds and vinyl dipped chain for comfort and security
  • Stand-up swing improves agility and strength while helping to boost balance and coordination
  • Perfect for refreshing or upgrading a 3 position swing beam swing set
  • Swing hangers not included
  • This product is intended for backyard residential use only