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Swing into some outdoor fun with a brand-new swing set from this wide collection! For a kid you can’t beat the classic joy of playing on a backyard playset on the perfect day. Whether it’s zooming down the slides, flying high on the swings, or getting brave on the monkey bars, your kid can have all these great playtime experiences with a swing set and slide right in the backyard!...

Endless entertainment

With slides up to 10' which are safe, fun, but most importantly fast, combined with the sturdy swing beam, kids can't help but want to play on these swing and slide sets! These swing sets can be used by kids of all ages and their parents too! Backyard playsets are great for boosting imaginations and fostering relationships while giving all the family something to do together. Playtime outdoors is crucial for kids' development, physical health, and creativity. With a swing set from our curated collection, kids will spend their time engaged in active play and exploring nature - not sitting inside glued to a screen.

Perfectly Designed

Carefully designed in accordance with safety standards, these backyard playsets will provide an experience worth playing on again and again! Choose from dozens of swing set styles to suit your child's age, interest level, and number of neighbors who will soon be coming over to play.

For a simple swing set that’s full of fun try the Ranger swing set. It offers that classic swinging thrill that we all know and love in a compact package! With three swing stations you can have everyone join in the high-flying action for an exciting afternoon with friends. With the plus version you can transform it into a swing set and slide set for even more ways to play!

Want something with a bit more room? You can’t go wrong with the Big Top backyard play set. It has everything you could want and more in your swing set. Whether it’s the two wave slides, the swings, the rope latter and more, with this set your kids will have the variety they need to keep this backyard playset feeling fresh each time they head outside! Plus, with its wide colorful tarp roof they’ll be protected from the sun and feel like they are at the circus!

Strong Construction

Swing N Slide products are built with heavy-duty hardware, making them exceptionally sturdy, even in extreme weather conditions. They need minimal upkeep thanks to UV protective coatings, insect repellent sealants, and anti-rust materials. Our swing and slide sets offer hassle-free maintenance. All it takes is a hose to clean them off when they get dirty from all the running around and playing! These backyard playsets are hand-crafted and carefully sourced from responsibly managed forests and sawmills in the U.S.A., ensuring sustainability through every step of production.

These swing sets open your backyard to a whole new world of engaging playtime fun. So, no matter if you are looking for that simple, classic swing and slide set experience, or the ideal backyard playset to be the talk of the neighborhood, you are sure to fall in love with a swing set from this collection! Don’t wait to get your outdoor space ready for the season and discover the one that is just right for you!