Product Things to Know

How will I receive the backyard swing set kit? 
Kits are delivered curbside. Driver will contact customer to schedule a convenient time to deliver the kit.

How will the kits be packaged?
Kits are palletized with multiple cartons strapped together.

What is the typical delivery time?
Typical delivery times are 5-10 days after purchase.

What do I need to know before purchasing a backyard swing set?
Before purchasing a swing set, always check with your homeowner’s association before DIY assembly. Some HOA’s have height restrictions on backyard playground structures.

Can you install our swing set for me?
Sorry, we do not provide installation services at this time


Parents Role in Playground Safety:
While we do everything we can to maximize children's safety, parents should keep an eye on their children during play to ensure they are using the play structure as intended. Here are a few suggestions to keep your kids backyard play area safe: ASTM guidelines recommended a 6’ safety perimeter around your swing set as well as overhead.

Teach your kids safe play rules:

  • Look First - Never run in front of or behind someone who is swinging
  • Share - Take turns on tire swings, rock walls, monkey bars, slides and swings
  •  Wait until it’s dry – Always wait until the swing set is dry before you play
  • No bullies allowed - No pushing, shoving or roughhousing allowed

Add a fall surface (ground cover) under your swing set.

While our swing sets are hand-crafted to eliminate unnecessary cuts and scrapes, we suggest adding a fall surface under your play structure to add another layer of protection for your children – just in case they lose their balance and fall. We recommend adding rubber mats, rubber mulch, wood chips sand or pea gravel under your swing set with tire swing.

How much space do I really need in my yard?

The amount of space needed for a safe play experience may vary for each swing set, but we suggest following ASTM’s guidelines of having a 6’ safety area around your swing set. Your backyard should not include any obstructions such as trees, plants, sheds or any other structures. In addition to the safety benefits of a 6’ clearance, it gives children space to run around all day long

What kind of construction knowledge do I need to have to assemble your swing sets?

We welcome anyone to build our DIY swing set kits, even those with little do-it-yourself experience. Each swing set kit is pre-cut, ready for assembly and can be built with basic tools. Don’t worry, if you have questions during assembly, our dedicated customer service team can answer your questions via phone or online chat.

Maintenance Tips:

Periodic maintenance is suggested to ensure safe enjoyment of your backyard swing set and optional accessories. Checking, splitting and surfacing cracking are characteristics of all wooden swing sets. This is caused by varying seasonal temperatures and moisture conditions. To minimize this checking and/or cracking, you may coat your play set with a water repellent.

What kind of stain do I need for this swing set?

Use a water based stain. Apply a clear water sealant to help protect color and wooden components. If you need a stain to match, take a stained board from the swing set kit to a paint store and have them match the stain.