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Outdoor Swing Sets

Upgrade your outdoor play with this exciting collection of playground set accessories! Every kid loves some quality play time on their favorite outdoor swing sets. So why not add to it with a few high-quality accessories to spice things up?...

Rejuvenate Your Playground Set

They say a great suit makes the man, but when it comes to outdoor play it’s the accessories that can make the playground set. That’s why we offer a wide range of fun accessories from a trapeze bar to outdoor swing sets canopy so you can find the right fit to boost your kid’s play.

Imagination - For creative kids we have loads of options to help spark their imagination. Add a telescope with working compass or a pirate’s ship wheel to your outdoor swing sets and your kid can have some swashbuckling fun on the high-seas and be back in time for lunch! Or pick a magnetic chalkboard and let your kid’s inner artist run wild.

Adventure - If you have someone with a love for adventure, they’ll love the addition of a trapeze bar to their playground set. It is a great alternative to your typical swing seat and helps to build physical fitness. They can feel like a gymnast as they have some smooth swinging excitement. Choose either the classic trapeze bar or the ring version for an easier grip!

Exploration - For the resident Christopher Columbus you can’t go wrong adding some extra safety handles, climbing rock holds, and ladder rungs. These are perfect for giving a little more safety to your playground set and helping your kids reach their full exploring potential! For braver kids add in a rope climbing ladder and let them ascend to new playground set heights!

Tough and Long Lasting

Our products are built to last so they can withstand rain, snow, heat, heavy use, and much more. We use time-tested materials like hearty, non-toxic metal, wood, and plastic to ensure maximum durability. We provide all the accessories you need to make your outdoor swing set come alive without you needing to bring in a construction crew. Since 1985 we have been providing quality playtime accessories. So, whether it's a new trapeze bar, a telescope, new canopy, or more for your outdoor swing sets, you can be confident that you’ll only get the best when picking from our wide collection!